Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Rice with Dill

Let me caution you, that I picked up my style of cooking from Mum. She cooks to taste.
A little less on the measuring, more on the tasting. Hence, I might miss a few advises on ingredient measurement or cooking time. Do remind me.

All right...

Today, for lunch, I made an attempt to make the "Blue Ribbon" along with my boyfriend's family rice recipe.

I'm not quite sure if you're all familiar with I thought about subscribing to food magazines, but found this website much more enjoyable to follow because the recipes are posted by wives, or soon-to-become wives, cooking for their husbands or soon-to-become husbands. In other words, the meals are quick & easy to prepare. If you are familiar with it, that is where I got the recipe for this entree... with a few variations.


- skinless chicken breast
- slices of Swiss cheese
- slices of ham (Christmas ham, if you have leftovers)
- hickory-smoked pepper (regular ground pepper works, too, but I found that the chicken is tastier this way)
- hickory-smoked salt (same goes for the salt, any salt, preferably Himalayan pink salt... hehe)
- 1 cup of Italian bread crumbs

Since I planned on preparing a small meal for myself, I used one chicken breast and filleted (like slicing parallel to a fish's spine) it into four slices.

After turning the oven on at 355 degrees, I sprinkled hickory-smoked pepper & salt on both sides of each chicken slice.
A slice of Swiss cheese on top of it, then a slice of Christmas ham.
I rolled the whole concoction together and stuck a toothpick in the middle to keep it neatly rolled up.

The baking sheet was lightly covered with olive oil and I arranged each Blue Ribbon on the pan.
It sat in the oven for 25-30 minutes.


- a cup of rice
- a tbsp of Smart Balance butter
- 1/2 tsp of olive oil
- a cup of water
- dill (I get mine at Mother's Market, across the street)

I threw all the ingredients into a sauce pan & let it boil.
Once it reached its boiling point, I put it in medium heat & stirred the rice a little bit, once in a while.
After about 20 minutes, the rice is done. Almost all of us know how to cook rice.
Threw an even amount of dill into the rice & my stomach started growling.

I think the butter & dill carried the taste for this one.

Mum told me that once the time comes when I need to feed my children, I will learn to cook well.
I don't have any children to feed, at the moment, nor am I married, but I do enjoy cooking very much-- especially when there are people willing to eat what I prepared.

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